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In this challenging time, Galileo PTSA is needed more than ever. Help us continue supporting students and teachers at Galileo Academy of Science and Technology.   

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Dear Galileo Parents:

Thanks for being members of our wonderful Galileo high school community! On behalf of Galileo Parent-Teachers-Student Association (PTSA), I deeply appreciate you continuous support for our students, teachers and family. As a tradition of PTSA, we run fundraising every year to compensate the cost of activities by our community. Some public schools in San Francisco has goal of raising $150k. You input is deeply appreciated.

In Galileo, there are many exciting academic programs. For students who have extra energy, they can engage to numerous student clubs. Like many other parents, I graduated from high school about 30 years ago and understood how important the high school period is in life. What the students learned in high school will pave the way to higher education which will be fundamental for the rest of life. In many cases, it is pivotal and determining. Most parents believe that more attention to the child’s education would have better achievement upon graduation. With the same initiative and expectation, we can stand together as a PTSA community to support the students, teachers and parents.


Like other cities national wide, we are facing challenges such as gun violence, environment pollution, homeless and global warming issues, some of which may be even more prominent in San Francisco than other part of world. How to raise a new generation who is willing and ready to deal with these common challenges is an important topic that we can think about as parent or educators. Although being limited, it doesn’t means we cannot do anything to help our children to encounter and be ready of these challenges. In PSTA, we will support Galileo students to participate these positive activity organized by their teachers. There are many opportunities that we can be involved and our support will make difference.


PTSA will work with the school and community to provide quality education for all children and youth. As the legal responsibility to make decisions has been delegated by the people to boards for education, state education authorities, and local education authorities, we will play a supporting role. It is our hope to promote the health, welfare of students, collaboration among parents, schools and the community at large. Your support can be make with check, credit card online or cash directly to PTSA.


For more information, please visit our website:


Warmest regards,



Bende Zou, MD, PhD

President of Galileo PTSA (2022-2023)



Principal - Peter Avila

President – Bende Zou

Vice President - Dung Tran

Treasurer - Jenny Qiao

Secretary - Rachel Hensley

Parliamentarian - OPEN

Vice President, Communication - Rungsiri Upradit

Vice President, Community Involvement- Valerie Azinheira

Vice President, Fundraising - David McGinn

Vice President, Outreach - Sydney Zao

Financial Secretary – Nahla Kinnavongsa (student)

Faculty Board Members - Nadia Talbot and Shannon Wong

Auditor – Suzi Mui


Vice President Programs – OPEN

Vice President, Hospitality – Sara Ferree

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Please click on the question mark to submit your question and we will either incorporate the answers into the next meetings' content or respond provide information in other Galileo PTSA communication.

Galileo PTSA Survey

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Eat at School - Free for Every Student!

Breakfast 7:30am -8:45am

  • Two choices each day

  • Pickup in front of auditorium or cafeteria. 

Lunch 1:00pm-1:40pm

  • Five choices each day

  • Five pickup lines (3 inside cafeteria, 2 in hallway)

  • Prepared on-site each day; distributed less than 15 minutes 

  • Currently serving 600 meals; Jorge wants to serve more!

  • "High school lunch is much better than middle school lunch" 

Eat at school 1 of 2.PNG
Eat at school 2 of 2.PNG
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