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Teacher Stipend


Galileo PTSA Educational Stipend for Teachers and Staff


The Galileo PTSA provides stipends to teachers and staff members who are current PTSA members (school year is July 1 to June 30). Stipends are in the form of reimbursements for classroom or lab supplies or other educational expenses up to $100 per teacher or staff member. Please use the form below to apply.

Become a member.

Submit a stipend application form (Fillable PDF) or submit the stipend request online.

Grant Request


Galileo PTSA Educational Enrichment Grants for Teachers, Staff, and Students


The Galileo Academy PTSA provides education and enrichment grants to teachers, staff and students who are current PTSA members (school year is July 1 to June 30).

Become a member.

Please review the PTSA Enrichment Grant Funding Guidelines before submitting your application. 

Submit a grant application form (Fillable PDF) or submit the grant application online.


Grant applications should be submitted to the Galileo PTSA President one week prior to the PTSA Executive Board meetings, which are held the first Tuesday of each month. The President reviews the applications and presents them to the PTSA Executive Board for discussion. Recommendations are presented for approval at the General PTSA meetings. Grant award letters indicating “full, partial or no funding” and are distributed within two weeks after approval at the meetings.


Completed applications with original signatures can be put into the PTSA mailbox located in Galileo’s Main Office.  An electronic copy can be submitted to


Partial List of Grant Activities (2016-2017)

  • Physics, biology, chemistry and biotech lab supplies for hands-on learning

  • Field trip aboard the Marine Science Institute Discovery Voyage boat for AP Environmental Science and Marine Biology students

  • 3D modeling software for Chemistry students

  • Student-published poetry books

  • Spotlights for auditorium

  • CADA Conference for student leaders

  • Fitball active seating for Health class

  • Classroom supplies for all teachers and staff

  • And much, much more



Funding Criteria

  • Program/project should benefit as many Galileo students as possible/practical

  • Applicants (faculty, coaches, administrators, students) must be current members of the Galileo PTSA

  • Projects should afford access to all students regardless of ability to pay, in compliance with laws governing disabled access, and provide proper adult supervision.

  • Special consideration for programs/projects that contribute to and/or promote equity, diversity, and inclusion.


Items/Programs Not Funded

  • Reimbursement for a purchase already made

  • Any portion of salaries

  • Continuing education or board certification expenses

  • Any form of transportation (including but not limited to rental car, airfare, and motor bus)

  • Hardware

  • Any kind of personal gifts or gift cards (including gifts for baby showers, bereavement, retirement, or birthdays)


Use of Grant Funds

  • Grant funding may only be used for items specified on the original grant request with no substitutions.

  • Money awarded must be used within two months of receiving the award, unless otherwise authorized by the Grants Committee. Unused funds after this period will be returned to the PTSA.

  • The PTSA community is interested in the outcome of your program/project. Within 30 days of project completion, we request that the applicant send us a brief summary describing the results of the program/project and photos, if applicable. Failure to do so may affect future grant decisions.


Important Information

  • Applicants should explore a variety of funding sources, such as your own department, the Galileo Alumni Association, School Site Council, the SFUSD, and parent/student/team fundraising activities.

  • Faculty must have applications co-signed by their department chair. Coaches must have applications co-signed by their athletic director. Department chairs and the athletic director must have applications cosigned by the Principal or Assistant Principal. Administrators must have applications co-signed by the Principal. Student organizations must have applications cosigned by a faculty sponsor or administrator

  • Please thoroughly complete the application including specific information on expenses and vendors.

  • PTSA grant award decisions will be announced in every General Meeting.



Questions may be directed to Dung Tran, PTSA Vice President at

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